Pizza, Wine, and Beer

Pizza, Wine, and Beer
04 October 2016 Comments are off

Do you like pizza and a glass or two of wine or beer in good company? Then next time you are in Venice, looking for such a place head to Osteria da Baba; not far from the wonderful Accademia filled with its art treasures.

Every city has their joints; a place to go and relax with friends, where you can enjoy good food at good prices washed down with an acceptable drop of something or other. Da Baba is exactly this and while the place does attract its fair share of noisy types, there are times when travelling I like to be around the energy and spontaneity of locals enjoying a night out at their local.

A simple menu with plenty of good food and what are really excellent pizzas will have you and your wallet beaming with gratitude. And you will be impressed by the wine selection here which is both extensive and very well priced. All in all this is one place you need to jot down in your agenda as you prepare for your next jaunt to this magical city.

Osteria da Baba – Dorsoduro 3755 – Calle San Pantalon, +39 0418471812 – Closed Tuesday – Open from 9.30am until 11pm every other day.

Peter Kilby
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