History & Food in Florence

History & Food in Florence
05 November 2016 0 Comment

Good dining can be found around the world, while here in Florence when you visit the Taverna del Bronzino you will be assured of excellent food and service and a large serving of history and the artistic legacy of the Florentine Renaissance.

History Surrounds You

Indulge me for a moment and let me tell you that this tavern is situated in a building that was constructed in 1580 with the family money of a certain Santi di Tito who was a student of the great Bronzino (1503-1572); who used what is now the dining room as his workshop. Only a city like Florence has you sitting down in what is truly a wonderful restaurant in the company of such history; the ghosts of this city will be keeping a mischievous eye on what you will be selecting from the menu.

Tuscan Elegance

It’s a pleasure to sit down in a restaurant in Italy again with its slightly formal attention to serving you; and where the décor reflects a certain Florentine austerity with white tablecloths and elegant place settings that fit perfectly within this impressive Renaissance building. The menu’s focus, as you would expect is on the Tuscan kitchen and while you probably know a lot of the dishes available I doubt you would have eaten those same dishes perfectly prepared and presented as they do here. The food is superb and is well complimented by an exceedingly affordably wine list although the house red from the Chianti wine making region is rather good.

What’s on the Menu?

Now what will you be selecting from their menu? The spaghetti with a delicate venison and black truffle sauce followed by a succulent roasted rabbit stuffed with artichoke and bacon sounds wonderful and tempting. I might go for their antipasto of pecorino and homemade honey chutney; this dish can be found throughout southern Tuscany and is usually a plate of hard and soft pecorino cheeses with honey’s and marmalades; but here the cheese is given a little more of a kick with a garnish of cayenne pepper sprinkled with a light hand – the combinations of flavours and textures sings in your mouth. Another plate that might tempt you is their homemade pappardelle type pasta drenched in a sauce made of minced pork, zucchini and burrata cheese.

As a rule of thumb I rarely eat seafood this far away from the coast in Tuscany however their seafood gnocchi is spectacular and well worth considering along with another entrée perhaps that would make for a delicious meal. The grilled meats at Taverna del Bronzino are of the best quality and cooked the way Florentines like their meats to be cooked over an open flame. The famous and often over hyped bistecca alla Fiorentina firstly and fore mostly has to be a premium cut from the Chianina cow (a breed which comes from the Valdichiana in my part of Tuscany) and cooked to a perfect medium rare quality; succulent, tender and cooked using sea salt and served on a bed of rucola.

My Kingdom for a Great Dessert

Don’t forget the desserts which may require a brisk walk up Giotto’s bell tower the next day; the cheesecake with a thick mixture of “fruits of the forest” layered on the top is delicious and certainly condemns me to that jaunt up to the top Giotto’s tower on the morrow. But for now I’m delighting in the pleasure of eating well in surroundings with delicious Tuscan food fitting of the Medici.

Taverna Del Bronzino – Via delle Ruote 25/r, Florence – Phone: 055-495220 – Closed Sunday and 3 weeks in August.

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