Tourist Assistance in Florence

24 March 2017 0 Comment

A recent visit to Florence I played a tourist determined to try and discover whatever assistance there is for a visitor to this much loved and much visited city of great art and great history. For too long I’ve battled with the rising costs of museum entrances acr...

Under the guiding hand of Palla Strozzi his family wealth rivaled the Medici in 14th century Florence. Florence had become the banking capital of Europe and with its increased wealth came great artists that produced great art. Once it was a medieval backwater tuck...

Laurentian Library in Florence

02 November 2016 0 Comment

A genius created the architectural masterpiece we know as the Laurentian Library in Florence.

Perfect Traveller is convinced that Michelangelo was influenced by his mentor Donatello ev...

Perpetual Frown of Dante.

22 July 2016 0 Comment

I have spent many years bumping into statues of Dante scattered about Italy, culminating i...

Some describe it as fact whilst others snicker to themselves, struggling with the idea of ...

A piece of graffiti by a genius called Michelangelo or is the past pulling our leg today? ...

The Devil and the Wind

28 June 2016 0 Comment

In Florence an ancient legend about the Devil can still be felt today?

Raphael Portrait of the Papacy

21 June 2016 0 Comment

The genius of Raphael is on display in his stunning painting Portrait of Pope Leo X

The Church of Santa Felicita in Florence is home to a Pontormo masterpiece, ‘The Deposition” circa 1578. Seeing is believing and you won’t believe the genius of this work. Jacopo Pontormo is certainly an artist ‘out of the box’ and one who evolved a unique style i...

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