Sensual Temptations of Rome?

Sensual Temptations of Rome?
01 June 2016 0 Comment

The sensual temptations of Rome are many and delightful?

My first real attempt at interviewing a person to gather material to write an article was in Rome many years ago. I had chosen my subject well, considering a lot of my recent painting at the time was using an almost Warhol fascination with blatant advertising styles and sex albeit painting a rather asexual form of the female form in various positions that were suggestive and deliberately provocative. I’ve never been attracted to the subliminal in advertising and I’ve always been fascinated by the obvious.

So off I strode with my freshly minted Italian photojournalist’s pass that I had recently received with no small amount of pride and amazement and made my way to the La Perla shop in the Via Condotti, the chic bastion of style, tinged with a heady aroma of sexual delights and visual provocation! Upon arriving at the shop I stopped, as I always do, to enjoy the window displays wondering about the sort of woman that wears such underwear and deciding all those years ago that I must meet such a woman! Pushing the rather heavy door open I entered a world that previously I had only experienced through the glass of their impressive and decidedly sensual shop. Once inside it dawned upon me that I had barged in “cold turkey” and without really know what the hell I was doing at all.

Whilst I was thinking over my very awkward and decidedly unprofessional approach in my mind I was horrified when a rather lovely, calm, feminine voice asked in perfect English could I be assisted in anyway. Too late to head for the door and exit into the freedom of Rome’s most expensive shopping street; I was trapped, cornered and I felt that the very attractive middle aged lady who had approached me was enjoying my bumbling, embarrassed response. Thinking on my feet I showed her my new journalist card which surprised her a little and I took this as a cue to fire at her a barrage of questions; some of which I thought were quite clever and incisive! To my everlasting relief and I suspect taking a little pity on the novice blurting out in front of her she answered many of the questions I asked about the company; I discovered it was created shortly after the end of WWII in Bologna and grew immediately. I guess there were enough Italian women about who could at the time afford such luxury items but upon reflection I’m sure it was the Italian men who wanted their mistresses draped in such things; and that has not changed much at all in Italy!

After several minutes I decided I had run out of questions but I was convinced I had enough material to write a small piece. When I pulled out my camera to take a few snaps I was told that taking photos was not permitted and disgruntledly put my camera back in my bag thinking so much for being a whiz bang travel photojournalist! Still I was happy with my first interview and thanked the lovely woman who had displayed admirable patience with me and I was smiling as I left and entered the Via Condotti. A few moments later I paused cursing myself for being stupid; how could I have forgotten to ask such a simple and what I thought was a clever question so I turned on my heel and walked straight back into the shop.

The beautiful woman turned to me a little surprised and before she could say anything I almost blurted out, “Do any of your staff wear the La Perla product?” thinking how clever was I. To which she replied, by lifting her expensive skirt high to reveal the latest La Perla lingerie and simply said, “Yes.” I think I remembered entering Via Condotti again but in truth I’m not really sure. God I loved Rome!!!

Peter Kilby
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