Audio Tours versus Guidebooks

Audio Tours versus Guidebooks
14 October 2016 0 Comment

I’ve used guidebooks all of my travelling life and I’ve always experienced the same problems? When something is in print, it’s effectively set in concrete until the next edition and we all know that can take a few years before it arrives on the bookshelves. And then a quick read often reveals the same old, same old (meaning out of date information) with a newly designed cover! In a recent article I read and  written for the print media, editors of certain guidebooks were interviewed (which is hardly a fair and unbiased opinion) on how best we can really get up to date and relevant travel information that is easy to access and fun and interesting to digest.

Audio Tours are Easy to Use  

I have often stood on a street corner in some far flung city juggling my camera in one hand and a guidebook opened on page 67 let’s say, in the other hand, and just when I zoom in on that piece of information I was looking for, the book closes and I have to start flipping through it again, to get to where I was!!! And let’s be honest, to carry two or three books on two or three different countries has you overweight on your flight and you have probably spent anywhere between US$30.00 to $80.00 and much more in Europe and Australia for the same books. In describing what is available on the net, the article goes to great lengths explaining the costs of ‘roaming’ on networks outside of the States and that used to be true. But today most countries offer an internet access package for international internet connecting that is pre-paid before you leave home, eliminating expensive roaming charges overseas.

Perfect Traveller Audio Tours do not need an Internet Connection to Use 

What the article does not address, but Perfect Traveller has, is that when you download the Perfect Traveller app from the Apple App Store into your iPhone it’s yours to listen to (and soon to be available at the Google Play store for android phone users), whenever you want without any further charge or need to be connected to the internet. For the price of an average guidebook you can buy many of the Perfect Traveller Audio Tours with more and more coming online regularly. The very nature of the technology and medium allows Perfect Traveller to update their Audio Tours regularly and the website is an extension of the Tours available. The Perfect Traveller website has new material added almost every day and not every couple of years! Perfect Traveller’s Audio Tours can be purchased as an in-app purchase direct from within the “free” download Perfect Traveller App. Once it’s downloaded it into your phone you can enjoy it anywhere at anytime. Each audio tour is complete with a list of Attractions that include accommodation suggestions, where to shop, where to eat and much more. All within an easy walking distance of whatever audio tour you happen to be listening to. Let’s not forget the entertainment factor either. Sound effects, and music to enhance a visit to a particular location, making it a more exciting and suggestive travel experience that a book simply cannot give you, but Perfect Traveller does.

I love books but when I travel I want compact, portable, entertaining and up to date travel information and if you are reading this story, you are on the right website to enjoy all of that.

Peter Kilby
About the Author

Peter Kilby is an artist, writer, story-teller, journalist and avid traveller who has lived and worked in Italy since 1987. He created Perfect Traveller to bring the world of art and history closer to you. Download the “free” Perfect Traveller app and enjoy the best audio tours available; about Italy today and yesterday. Sign Up to this website and submit your travel stories and become part of the Perfect Traveller community.

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