A Medieval Christmas

24 December 2017 0 Comment

Medieval Europe often gets overlooked for the more glamorous Renaissance period when religion became a profitable business and education began to challenge the scriptures of Christianity.

St. Francis and his Nativity Scene

12 September 2017 0 Comment

Italy has numerous Saints, but none as loved or as admired as St. Francis of Assisi in Umbria.

Sodoma was an Artistic Genius

18 May 2017 2 Comments

Vasari, who disliked him, explained the origin of his nickname the sodomite in this fashio...

Discovering masterpieces is an exciting adventure in Italy.

The True Story of Perseus

08 April 2017 0 Comment

Now sit back and relax; put your feet up if you like, as Perfect Traveller and I take you back...

Hildegard of Bingen

29 December 2016 0 Comment

Hildegard of Bingen endured profound mystical visons, while writing theological, botanical...

St. Donato of Arezzo

03 December 2016 0 Comment

It’s not easy living a life that leads to sainthood; just ask St. Donato of Arezzo. 

Sex in Antiquity

28 November 2016 0 Comment

Have you considered sex? In antiquity I mean, and how, if at all, we as a modern society understand it, enjoy it and celebrate it.

St. Anne by Leonardo da Vinci

24 November 2016 0 Comment

Is it a “real” Leonardo da Vinci or an extremely clever forgery? In the rarefied world...

Guido Monaco of Arezzo

10 November 2016 0 Comment

What do Guido Monaco of Arezzo who died in 1050 and John Lennon who died in 1980 have in c...

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