Roman Eating Tradition since 1890

Roman Eating Tradition since 1890
15 July 2016 0 Comment

There’s a place in Rome that’s been around since 1890, with a strange name, where you can eat like the Romans for peanuts!

Ever since I can remember I’ve always dreamed of entering a place to eat in Italy that transported me back to another time; as though I was a bit player in a Pasolino movie like the Decameron! A local joint filled with local characters munching down on some good tucker, washed down with a simple, but honest wine. People would come and go, with the occasional visit by the local femme fatal who would always set tongues a wagging and have the men silently dreaming of spending an evening in her company. Good hearty food mixed with good hearty conversation has always been what I call a memorable meal – somewhat archaic you might think in this modern world of self-righteous, egotistical clap trap about where to eat, what to eat and how you might be able to leverage a book out of the experience!

I like value for money and no more so than when I’m on the road and hungry, so next time you are in Rome, pop into ER Buchetto and don’t expect any air’s and grace’s because there are none. Wait a few minutes and eventually one of the wooden tables will be wiped down and paper place mats will appear from nowhere along with kitchen glasses (I’ve always drunk my wine from simple, tough, kitchen glasses!), that hit the table with a satisfying thump; that means you’re ready to order. There is really nothing of a menu and the choice might seem limited to those seeking some sort of gourmet feast, but I can tell you that the porchetta here is as good if not better than anything you will taste in Rome; only by going out into the back blocks of Lazio on some country road might you come across a roadside dinner of sorts that sells anything as moist and tender as the porchetta you will enjoy here, at ER Buchetto.

A fresh bread roll will appear before your eyes and you had better be quick in the asking for, “un panino con porchetta e un vino rosso” and with deft skill, slices of the beautifully cooked pork will fall into the open bread roll, carved from the massive roasted beast that resides in its glass reliquary case; you’re in Rome after all! The red, or white, wine comes from the surrounding Castelli Romani and when you begin to tuck into this simple but very tasty repast, those sore feet from all the walking seem less sore and life takes on a rather pleasant tone. The price is laughable and the congenial atmosphere is as real or as close as you will get to an earthy Pasolino film; this place was Rome once upon a time and I’m very grateful that it’s still with us!

ER Buchetto – Via del Viminale, 2F (Close to Stazione Termini) – Closed Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday.


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