Discovering a “local” Enoteca in Rome.

Discovering a “local” Enoteca in Rome.
25 July 2016 0 Comment

For years those super privileged Italian politicians have known about and enjoyed the quiet space of Enoteca al Parlimento, just around the corner from their place of work, hmmmm, in Via dei Prefetti, 15 and have been regular customers for just as many years. The other day I stuck my nose in to have a look at their selection of what turned out to be an impressive collection of mostly Italian wines and conveniently located under the names of the different regions of this ancient country. I was impressed to find a 2006 Vino di Nobile di Montepulciano by Poliziano. I consider the good years from this producer to be an equal of any Brunello, being lighter and more flavorsome on the palette and a lot cheaper on your pocket! I know many of you would be seduced by the dizzying number of wonderful labels from the many ancient wine estates of Italy that stare at you from the wooden shelves lining the walls of this Enoteca, creating an almost religious atmosphere of wine, history and pleasure to be had!

But hey, I’m a man of history in a perpetual search of the dusty masterpiece forgotten in some out of the way museum, who must admit, enjoys a good feed in this country of excellent and often great food. So when my eye caught sight of the menu here in Enoteca al Parlimento, I couldn’t put the thing down. It’s been a long time since the names of plates on any menu inspired such a smile but when you read for an appetizer something along the lines of “grilled squid served with Onanno lentils and potatoe timbale” well you have my immediate attention! Or how does the “Stuffed veal meatballs served with a pepper reduction and cocoa cream” sound to you? The “Crunchy spring vegetables served with a burrata di Andria cheese” might also interest you or the “Risotto Carnaroli with Regina grape, Champagne and shiso shoots” sounds wonderfully tempting don’t you think?

Going for a big splash now and perhaps forgetting about the appetizers and first courses, go straight to their mains like the “Fassona beef fillet and goose foie gras served with crunchy vegetables and a Sherry Pedro Ximenez reduction” and life is looking very good. That’s when the 2006 Vino di Nobile di Montepulciano by Poliziano needs to be poured.

On this occasion I have to admit that my stomach won the day! Buon appetito.

Enoteca al Parlimento – closed on Sunday. I was told by the owner that it’s wise to telephone ahead (066873446) to check if the kitchen will be open the day you would like to visit for a meal, simply because if the chef decides there are not enough people to cook for, he won’t cook! That’s Rome and I love it.

For a slice of history nearby: In the little Piazza S. Lorenzo in Lucina, and some 5 minutes’ walk from the Enoteca al Parlimento only, you will discover one of the oldest Christian churches in Rome; San Lorenzo in Lucina. Dating from the time of Sixtus III (AD432-40) and probably older, it was rebuilt in the 12C and includes among other important historical memorials and artifacts, the tomb of Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665) by Francois Lemoyne and a rather beautiful portrait bust of Gabriele Fonseca by the great Bernini. Certainly well worth a look.

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