Enoteca Corsi in Rome.

Enoteca Corsi in Rome.
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Simple, Fresh, and Tasty Food, Enjoyed at Enoteca Corsi in Rome.

It’s seems I’ve been walking down the Via del Gesu and popping into Enoteca Corsi for lunch forever, when in fact it’s only been something like twenty five  years! Yes, I’m a creature of habit and I like to go where I’m known; it’s the Irish in me I suspect. I must premise this story by stating publicly that I’m not a ‘foodie’ and whilst most travellers to Italy come here with food on their minds, I tend to try and entice people with a great painting, or a fragment of tantalising history as my main course.

I’ve never been seduced by the need to have the best cheese, or drink the best wine, according to the latest food magazine or as announced by the latest guru chef! But I do love food because it’s always been associated with good people in my life. It’s that sense of family at the table which is important to me. And over the years I’ve enjoyed many a lunch with some wonderful people, who in turn I hope, remember the laughter and conversation over the simple plates prepared by Corsi’s cook, Raffaele di Cristo.

Raffaele has been cooking up a storm in the kitchen of Enoteca Corsi for sixteen years, having worked in several other restaurants in Rome and Capri previously. He’s from Naples which might in part explain his excellent fish dishes although recently I dined on his mouth watering roast lamb (in Rome the best tasting lamb comes from the Abruzzo) and out of the blue he arrived at my table with biscuits and something like a simple tea cake, straight out of the oven, to have with my coffee. Raffaele is one of the gentlest people I know and his smile is infectious as he goes about his work with efficiency and professionalism and a thorough knowledge of his craft.

His food is the way I like it; simple, fresh and local and whilst I’m sure there are better restaurants in Rome to boast about visiting, Raffaele and his honest cooking and friendly manner makes a visit to Enoteca Corsi as normal as visiting a friend where I’m surrounded by good food and good people. The great Julia Child, who more than most turned people on to enjoying food a little more than our grandparents once did said, “You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.” Sounds like she enjoyed a lunch or two at the Enoteca Corsi as well over the years!

Enoteca Corsi – Via del Gesu, 87 – open for lunch from midday through to 3.00pm from Monday till Saturday – (closed on Sunday) Tel/fax: 066790821.

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