A Hidden Treasure in Rome

14 December 2019 0 Comment

The earliest re-enactment of the nativity scene we have on record was created by St. Francis, after having visited Bethlehem.

Daughter to Pope Julius II

19 October 2017 0 Comment


Pope Julius II was a force to reckon with. His illegitimate daughter, Felice della Rovere inherited her father’s strength and intelligence and made the Renaissance her own!

Marius, the Guardian of Rome

01 April 2017 0 Comment

The story of Consul Caius Marius was saved for posterity by two Roman scribes, Tacitus and...

Art and History in Rome

04 March 2017 0 Comment

The truth is you can spend a lifetime in Rome and still only scratch the surface of the great...

The Vestal Virgins of Rome

15 December 2016 0 Comment

Rome borrowed Gods from the Greeks and the Etruscans to mix with its own collection of largely rustic home grown divinities; creating a religion that was more like a business affair. In which the worshipper promised X to a god in return for Y. Religion has been th...

Empress Messalina Prostitutes Herself

14 December 2016 0 Comment

In 38 AD Emperor Claudius married his second cousin, Valeria Messalina. And Caesar had no idea what was to come? The Perfect Wife Messalina was the third wife of Claudius, who was a paternal cousin of the Emperor Nero (and whose daughter Octavia later became the w...

Rome is Filled with Treasures

02 December 2016 0 Comment

There is a certain comfort in knowing that the very fast world that most of us live in today, slows down considerably in a city like Rome.

Yet so many first time visitors happily leave quickly for the more gentle and provincial streets of a 

Stolen From Italy

29 November 2016 0 Comment


Many of the world’s great museums are filled with Italian art.

Library of History in Rome

12 November 2016 0 Comment

“What is more important in a library than anything else is the fact that it exists” said Archibald MacLeish. He may well have had the awe inspiring library, Biblioteca Angelica in Rome in mind when he coined that phrase. A Miracle of a Library Considering that it ...

Charles V and the Sack of Rome (1527)

10 October 2016 0 Comment

The Sack of Rome on May 6 1527 The Sack of Rome was a personal tragedy for Charles V, who along with many other titles was also the Holy Roman Emperor, whose mutinous troops put Rome to the sword. The army of the Holy Roman Emperor defeated the French army in Ital...

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