Garden of Palazzo Soranzo Cappello in Venice

Garden of Palazzo Soranzo Cappello in Venice
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“Nothing ever seems straightforward in Venice, least of all its romances”, wrote Roger Ebert and show me a garden where I can sit under a tree in this city of canals and stone streets.
Well gardens do exist in Venice and though few and difficult to find, it’s worth the effort to do so and it’s certainly worth the effort to discover the magic of the garden of Palazzo Soranzo Cappello.

With Wealth comes Beautiful Homes

The Soranzo family was a prominent Venetian noble family. One of the members, Giovanni Soranzo, was elected Doge in 1312 and served till 1328. He had been an admiral who defeated the Genoese at Kaffa in the Crimea. Most of the original paintings and removable decoration were sold over the centuries. The palace is now privately owned, and subdivided into apartments and offices.

The Gardens

The garden is laid out in two main parts. Opposite the palazzo is a court with statues of Julius Caesar and eleven Roman emperors; a clear illusion to the wealth of the Soranzo family who had the palace built in the 17th century. This court opens onto the main garden at the end of which is an eight-column pavilion surmounted by statues of allegorical figures. To the right is the second part of the garden, which is occupied by a pergola and a lawn with various fruit trees.


The building houses administrative offices but during normal working hours the public are allowed to enter through the gate that leads directly into the garden, as long as they remain quiet and respectful of the beautiful space.

Garden of Palazzo Soranzo Cappello – Santa Croce 770 – Rio Marin – visitors can enter during office hours.

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