Hieronymus Bosch in Venice

Hieronymus Bosch in Venice
03 April 2017 Comments are off

When I discover a new exhibition of the work of the great Hieronymus Bosch I want to tell the world.

But when the master’s work is on display in a location as fascinating and historically important as the Palazzo Ducale in Venice then it’s time for me to pack a bag and head off to see it myself. Venice is the only city in Italy to own any Bosch masterpieces; and while this exhibition will be of great public interest it will also be of major importance for scholars, as the focus will be on the three great Bosch paintings conserved in the Gallerie dell’Accademia – two triptychs and four panels – The martyrdom of Saint Uncumber (Wilgefortis, Liberata), Three hermit saints and Paradise and Hell (Visions of the Afterworld). They have been magnificently restored thanks to a major campaign of restoration financed by the Bosch Research and Conservation Project (BRCP) and the Getty Foundation of Los Angeles.

The restoration has not only returned the works to the quality of finish employed by Bosch for us to enjoy today but has also brought to light a number of clues that shed new light on the many questions concerning the origins and meaning of the artist’s works, the presence of such works in Venice and the impact of Bosch on Italian art.
Venice and her history, her great palazzi and art have lured visitors for centuries but today we have Bosch to enjoy in this magical city. But only until June 4, 2017 so what are you waiting for.

Palazzo Ducale – Doge’s Apartment – Until June 4, 2017

Peter Kilby

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