The date is vague and I often think deliberately so; a Venetian trick not to provide anything concrete. Born I suspect from living on the waters of the lagoon that sustained and protected Venetians for centuries.

Baroque and Bizarre in Venice

16 September 2017 0 Comment

A “Venetian Must have Fashion Statement” for Aristocrats, Artists and Celebrities since 1866.

Venice and Casanova

21 March 2017 0 Comment

To know something about Casanova is to better understand a man of sweeping talents living at a time when Europe was the center of the universe! A grand stage upon which strutted Bach, Ben Franklin, Gainsborough, Goethe, Samuel Johnson, Immanuel Kant, Wolfgang Amad...

Donatello in Venice

01 February 2017 0 Comment

To visit the magnificent church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari in Venice is to enter a world of sublime art and history that no Hollywood movie could possibly begin to portray. It is the final resting place of four Doge’s, and the great Venetian artist Titian a...

Palazzo Grimani in Venice

09 January 2017 0 Comment

Venice is supremely rich in art and stupendous history like the once powerful Grimani family. And Venice is almost regal in her sublime indifference to those that come to pay homage to such a city as this. And come we do, every day of every year, addicted to the ...

The world made its way to their boudoir’s to seek pleasure.

The Doge’s Palace is a magnificent edifice that was a symbol of Venetian pride magnificently carved in Marble and Stone.

An Ancient Apothecary in Venice

14 October 2016 2 Comments

It’s easy to miss as you walk by the church of San Bartolomeo at the foot of the Rialto Bridge. Look up and you will see a head cast in bronze with a stern expression that was once the shop sign for the apothecary “Alla Testa d’Oro” (At the Golden Head) Whose Face...

Enjoy a Swim in Venice.

24 July 2016 0 Comment

The last thing you might be thinking as you pack your bag for that dream holiday to Venice, is to grab your swimming goggles and swimsuit and pack those as well? Swimming in Venice; you’ve got to be joking haven’t you! Actually no and if you are visiting this magi...

Why visit Venice?

20 July 2016 0 Comment

Have you ever been in love and silly with it? That exquisite, all consuming love that you know is not deserved because the object of your love is cold, arrogant and indifferent to your feelings. You know that of course, but still you love. That’s how I feel whenev...

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