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Updated on December 5th 2020

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Located in Tuscany and very close to the border of Umbria, Chiusi these days is mostly known for its train station which carries a lot of Italians to work and tourists, coming up from Rome, or down from Florence who stop here and are collected to go to nearby places like Montepulciano and Pienza.

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi in the old town of Chiusi
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi in the old town of Chiusi

But a visit up the hill from the station into the ancient and once great Etruscan town of Chiusi is an exciting surprise.

This small and ancient town continues to have archeologists from all over the world “sniffing” about the place, hoping for a new find. Many of those archeologists still call Chiusi by its Etruscan name CLEVSINS or its Roman name, CLUSIUM. It was the center of the Etruscan Federation from 600 BC once and ruled over by the Etruscan King Lars Porsena who was best known for his wars against Rome. There are no established dates for his rule, but Roman sources often place it at around 500 BC.

Detail of a fresco from the “Tomb of the Monkey” (early 500 BC), just outside Chiusi
Detail of a fresco from the “Tomb of the Monkey” (early 500 BC), just outside Chiusi

This Iittle town is a wonderful respite from the more popular and very crowded nearby locations of Cortona and Montepulciano and the eating here is very, very good. lt also boasts one of the best regional museums in this part of Tuscany, dedicated to some glorious and important Etruscan artifacts. All in all, Chiusi is a little gem, and now you have on your phone or iPad the Perfect Traveller audio tour to guide you through its streets, at a pace you decide upon.

The Chiusi Archaeological Museum is a must see.
The Chiusi Archaeological Museum is a must see.

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Chiusi 53043 Province of Siena Italy


Chiusi is a wonderful place to visit, and not just for its amazing history. Eating here is amazing and very well priced compared to other towns in Tuscany. You cannot do better than eating at Il Grillo è Bouncantore and say hello to Tiziana who is the excellent cook here.

La Solita Zuppa is also very good and if you are visiting in autumn or winter try their hearty soups.

Both these restaurants are in the old town of Chiusi and easy to find.


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